Mini cavapoo female


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Haley is our only girl in the mini cavapoo litter. She is 15 ounces at 5 weeks of age. She will be able to go to her forever home when she is 8 weeks and 2 pounds. She is starting to get curious about the world around her and has begun to explore her surroundings. Haley's mother is our 10 pound cavapoo mama, Rosie, who was born and raised right here with us. Haley's father is our 6.5 pound toy poodle, Rusty. Hes been with us for a few years and is super sweet and loves to run! They are all well accustomed to kids of all ages and are gentle with them.
If you'd like to take Haley home with you, we would be happy to schedule a time for you to come in person and meet herttake her home. If that's not a possibility because of distance we have a trusted transporter that can bring the puppy to you. They deliver once a week and charge a small fee based on what state you live in. We look forward to helping you transition this puppy to your home! Contact us via email, call text or FB messenger. Videos will be posted on FB

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